The Destruction of Single Family Homes in Silicon Valley

State Initiative for November 2022 ballot
Zoom: Jan 18 and Jan 20 Events

How do you ensure the Best Educational Program for your Child?

Sign the "CA School Choice" Petition
Go to Hillbrook School, Jan 18-21, 2-3pm

SB 9 Fact Sheet

Save our Single Family Neighborhoods

Should I start thinking about selling my Single Family Home?

A reprint: California Political Review

Family In Front of Home - Rowena Turner on SB9 and SB10

The Root Causes of Housing Affordability and Homelessness

Senate Bill 9 and Senate Bill 10

Regional Housing Needs Allocation (RHNA)

Sacramento says: "Build Baby Build"

The Huge Flaws in California's Regional Housing Allocation (RHNA)

Send a letter to the California State Auditor
Sign the State Initiative Petition

The Media Missed the Perilous Side of Senate Bill 9

Erroneous Report from Terner Center, Berkeley

Let's put a STOP to the Solar Tax that CPUC is Proposing

The Rising Cost of Solar

Can we really address traffic problems in the Bay Area?

Is public transportation the solution?

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